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Samsung Upgrade Program

Date: July 2016 Client: Samsung Currently Live
Tools Used:
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap (Collapse.js)
  • Handlebars.js
  • SCSS
  • Gulp
Samsung Upgrade Program Default Image

Samsung Upgrade Program is a static landing page that is written in HTML and SCSS. It has bootstrap's Collapse component for the FAQs module. It wasn't difficult to build. The difficulty was introduced when the client asked us to remove tagging in the expanded state.

This is a simple task - but I kept getting a conflict when I edited bootstrap's code. I thought of removing the bootstrap javascript and start building my own collapse javascript function from scratch. Given the deadline, I kept the bootstrap and tested each function in Bootstrap's collapse component until I ended up with a result the client was happy with.

Samsung Upgrade Program FAQ

I used to think that Bootstrap was a hindrance to learning because it makes everything so easy. But going through its code line by line, I appreciated its structure and learned how to use OOP better.