About Code Food Work

"I'm Jee(sun), a developer based in NYC, currently working at Firstborn"

The idea for CODE && FOOD originated while I was searching for a new domain to host my blog. I wanted my new domain to include 'code' since it is the main topic of this blog, but also wanted to include something unrelated to code that also represents me. My love of food and cooking came to mind as I remembered something Fullstack Academy of Code's founder, David Yang had said. He described JavaScript function invocation as the function itself being its recipe and its invocation is like doing the cooking that brings the result of the finished meal.

The more I think about it, code and food share a lot of similarities. First, its barrier to entry is easy. Second, people often start learning how to code or cook by copying what others are doing.

But continuing down the path is more difficult. For both, the challenge comes when the 'recipe' is removed from the process. When I began writing HTML without the 'recipe', I commonly made the mistake of typing 'link src' instead of 'link href' in the head element. When I began cooking without a recipe, it had taken a few times before I gained a feel for using heat effectively to cook my ingredients to the desired result.

I started this blog to showcase my experiments on coding and cooking - relying less on other people's recipes and more on my own creativity.

But most of all, I hope that this blog helps someone in some way.

To be where I am..

  • 1998: Built a first website for the movie that I shouldn't have been watching at that age, Scream
  • 2001: Fell in love with the USA & started begging parents to send me to the USA
  • 2003: After two years of begging, parents agreed to finance my journey to/in the USA
  • 2003, Summer: Arrived in Jacksonville, Florida by myself
  • 2003 - 2009: Improving my English & French along the way
  • 2012, Spring: Built a site using Dreamweaver in Graphic Design class at The U
  • 2012, Fall: Took a class on HTML/CSS/JS in my senior year
  • 2012 - 2013: Started making websites for friends and family & taking online class on web development
  • 2014, Spring: Developer intern at CP+B. Learned terminal, github, javascript, task runner tools, etc - built sites for multiple clients
  • 2014, Summer: Moved to NYC & started working as a developer at the Barbarian Group (TBG) - built sites and debugged a lot of codes for our major client, Samsung
  • 2015, Spring: Enrolled in Fullstack Academy of Code while working full time at TBG
  • 2015, Winter: Graduated from Fullstack Academy of Code with two group projects made as both a semi-finalist and finalist at a big competition in NYC.
  • 2016 - Current: Improving my coding skills at Firstborn