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Bokeh – Firstborn Art Show 2017

Date: October 2017 Type: Side Project Role/Team: Lead Developer Code Source: Github
Tool(s) Used:
  • JavaScript – Vanilla, ES6
  • Canvas API
  • Leap Motion

Every year, Firstborn hosts a pop up art exhibition at NYC's ONE Club. I attended as a guest for the 2016 Art Show. It was inspiring to see my colleague's talents that I would not have known otherwise. We had musicians, photographers, painters, designers, technologists... I was determined to have my own art piece for our third annual Art Show in 2017.

I created a 2D interactive art piece called Bokeh using Canvas 2D API and Leap Motion controller. People can draw and move as many bokeh as they would like with their right hand and change a scene using their left hand. The hand detection is supported by Leap Motion Controller.

This project was Inspired by Jongmin's the FFF’s Bokeh section.